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Not sure if this is the correct section to create an enhancement request but it is an idea to share:


Currently it is possible to add a note for published Modules, Line Items and Actions. However I have several customers, one fo them being Shell, who is used to work to hoover over an item and gets the explanation.


Today it is not possible to get a note for an item (List item nor Line item). We may be able to achive this by creating in the List a property "Explanation" and likewise in a Line Item an additional field "Explanation" which can be used to make the describtion and will appear if the user hoovers over the item.


Anybody else is requesting this for customers, if so please let it know by giving kudo's.

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  • Hi all,  Yes i experienced this in other technologies.   Really need this.


    Consider the end user experience in a Workforce Planning model.  Many lines have complex functionality - leaver dates, start dates, maternity calcs and overrides. Very useful to have tool tip hover feature that reveals the logic notes.  We currently have to add text lines items and loads of check fields to manage this.  Much better than users needing to consult a manual all the time and would greatly increase user confidence/adoption as they would know what they are doing. 








  • This is a commonly requested feature and will dramatically improve the end user experience.

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