Ability to enable/disable multiple filters under "Filter Segment based on data in..."


Description of the enhancement required:

I want the ability to narrow down the summaries I see for the parent. If you select a parent, you see all summaries for the child, but I want to be able to have the ability to select multiple parents, or multiple children, while having the ability to exclude others.

For example here’s a simple hierarchy:

  • Region 1
    • Client 1
    • Client 2
    • Client 3
  • Region 2
    • Client 4
    • Client 5
    • Client 6
  • Region 3
    • Client 7
    • Client 8
    • Client 9

List is in page selector: I want to have an option to select for example “Client 1+Client 2” or “Region 1+Region 2” and be able to see the children for these groups.
List is in rows/columns: When I select a Region and there is a module with synchronized Clients dimension in the dashboard, I will see the data for each client inside the selected region. I want to have an option to select for example “Region 1+Region 2”  and see the synchronized dimension for all the clients inside selected Region elements.


A story for why they want the enhancement, (how would it help their business process):
My modules are large and complex and we need to be able to manipulate the information in our models on the fly to be able to utilize the data effectively.

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