How to cumulate using the display order instead of original order of the list?


While applying the cumulate function on a list, the function works considering the original order of the elements, Is there a possible way to cumulate using the display order instead? This is required when new members can be added anywhere in the list.


  • Hi Aakash


    The cumulate follows only the original order as far as I remember. I do not think there is an option for display order to be used for cumulate to work.

    You can raise it with product enhancement team so we can have option to have an order or property using which the cumulate should happen.

  • Is there any possible workaround by which a particular line item can hold continously increasing values, then we can use this as a rank in Rankcumulate, but is it possible to create such a line item when list additions are allowed?

  • Hi Aakash


    Its not automated but there are workarounds.


    You can maintain a property in the list and have the running number and then use that property in Rankcumulate to follow the cumulate order. 


    But unless its a number list there is no automatic process to derive that number. Lets wait for some more experts to give their thoughts.