Can anyone provide me an explanation of how calculation of numbers with decimals is being done?


I have been trying to sum up the decimal numbers in "Data" column , the column "indicator" is converting individual values from "Data" column into Text whereas "Bool" is converting the Summary of "Data" into text. Can anyone provide me with an explanation why I am getting a lesser value in Bool ?

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  • kavinkumar

    HI Aakash,


    In Anaplan for any number formatted cell the data at summary level will be shown as ROUND(cell) while displaying but however if you try to copy or export you will get the exact decimal value.


    This is same in your case where the total is .89999... but it is getting displayed as .900... as a round of value. Please find the screenshot attached.

    Can anyone provide me an explanation.PNGIn the above screenshot, at summary level the data is displayed as .900000.. but in the above right corner you will be able to see correct data. This is how Anaplan works :).


    Let me know if you need any furhter clarification on this.






  • Hi Aakash,


    Floating point rounding error is well documented. This is nothing specific to Anaplan. To solve your problem I would recommend another line item which rounds up and then feeds the bool line item