Dependent dropdown list with Time Period


It would be great if I could create dependent dropdown lists with Time Period type. E.g. I have 2 line items with FY and HY types. And when I've selected FY18 in the first one, the second dropdown allows to select only H1 FY8 and H2 FY18, excluding items from other years

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  • Hi,


    It would be great if we could set a dependent option for Time Period formatted line items as with list formatted. For example:

    LI1 has a time period of Year (2020)

    LI2 has a time period of Weeks/Month (if possible date as well) and could be dependent on the year Selected in LI1


    In models with larger time calendars, this could greatly benefit the user experience when only a certain period time values would be expected in the dropdown. 


    At the moment you could only achieve this by using dummy time lists but would be nice for the native time dimension as well. 



  • Miran
    Status changed to: Not Planned
  • DmitryP

    I think I upvoted that a while ago; now there's a time when I need it again : ) This feature feels like an increadibly useful one to me. Thanks!

  • This feature would drastically improve end user experience. Can we please get this back into consideration? 

  • This would be very helpful

  • Any update on this?

    I think this is something almost every single Anaplan model can use!

  • Hello, I would see the benefit having this feature for the native time.

    At times from NUX and end-user perspective, the drop down selections with native time are not ideal when multiple periods are in use in model settings.

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