Make sorting lists easier


It would be nice to sort lists alphabetically with the same button used for sorting modules.

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  • Status changed to: Delivered
  • I am sure you're talking not about lisСнимок.PNGt sorting but about sorting the list elements. Since you already are able to sort the lists just like the modules:

  • Thank you, Kavadera. I stumbled upon the same thing a few months back. Very handy, indeed. Much appreciated.



  • I don't get it: so you say that your idea has been delivered? Or you agree that the thing is about list elements not lists?

  • List and List elements need to be able to be sorted A-Z with the click of a single button. Using the ascending and descending buttons from your screenshot is very cumbersome and antiquated. We need a button built-in like in Excel where you click once and it sorts all the lists or all the elements within a list A-Z.


    I have to maintain my lists manually like this right now and it is a pain just with the ascending / descending buttons. There must be a simplified, more automated way this functionality can be built in with an A-z and Z-A sort button. 

  • Status changed to: Delivered
  • @DavidSmith, the idea hasn't been delivered. There is still no way to sort list items

  • Unless I misunderstood, the requirements are covered through the order list action that was released in September

  • @DavidSmith thanks for highlighting it. I've never heard of it, very useful indeed. Agree, the issue might be considered closed


    Unfortunately it doesn't work for me.. created a support ticket

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