Anaplan Model Builder Line Item Diagram View


As a model builder, it would be great to have a "diagram view" available when reviewing code/line items. This concept originates from an actuarial modeling software called "Prophet". Basically a model builder would be able to enable/disable diagram view. If enabled, a precedent/dependent tree would appear at the top of the screen for the line item the model builder is currently selecting. This diagram view would show all line items that feed this line item (without any of the details of the formula) and then all line items that depend on the line item currently selected. The model builder would then be able to trace through the diagram tree, and as they select new line items they will automatically be directly to this line item location (whether it's within the same module or requires opening a new module). Also I think it would be extremely valuable to have a snapshot of results at the bottom of the screen while in developer mode so that the user does not need to exit developer mode and re-enter just to see how their code impacts results.


I have attached a mockup of what this diagram view would look like. I think this feature is valuable in that it:

  1.  Makes it clear which line items feed a given calculation, which can be difficult at times to determine as formulas become more and more complex
  2. Allows the model builder to more easily locate relevant line items and eliminates the need to scan through formula code, find the module name that needs to be opened, go to settings, find module, open module, etc. 
  3. A snapshot of results under developer mode with the diagram view enabled would allow the model builder to more easily assess the impact of formula code changes. It also allows the model builder to easily test the code off to the side (e.g. in Excel) with sample line item figures. 
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