Select multiple non-adjacent cells in modules/dashboard grids


Description of enhancement: Select multiple non-adjacent cells in modules/dashboard grids. 

A story for why they want the enhancement, (how would it help their business process): This enhancement highly useful for business users, as they can see values of Quick Sum Bar for selection.

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  • This is a large piece of work. If it was small we'd do it straight away, however, given it's size we'll keep it on the backlog and re-consider in the future if we can get it on the roadmap.

  • Is there any updates to this topic?  It would be nice to have the functionality to select multiple non-adjacent cells in modules/dashboard grids in order to summarize various selected cells.  This is standard functionality within excel that users would like to be able to do within Anaplan.  Can someone tell me if this functionality is contained within Anaplan or on the roadmap to be included at some point?



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