Can you pull line items into a modual from USERS list, fore example First Name, Model Role?


I am trying to set up some dynamic access within a model using read / write access drivers within certain moduales. I plan to do this by setting up a modual to set the access at user level using the user list as one of planning keys, but would be good if could pull in the assigned Roles, first and last name as would mean i could automate the process.


Is this possible?

as so far only managed to returnn the Email address as a line item in the modual using following formula:



  • @Stasker,


    Sadly, at this time, you can't access those "properties" or attrbutes of the User list.  With that said, you can export the user list to a csv and then import that data into a "Fake" Users list with the attributes needed in a module (Fake User Attributes).  Just make sure the code is the same as the User list (the email address).  Then in the modules where you are using the User list, you can do a find item to the Fake Users list to get the attributes needed.


    Hope this helps,



  • is this issue fixed now, or still under investigation? thank you!

  • @x4uhaj 


    No, you still can't pull in the roles and other properties of the users, you can only pull in their ID which is their email address).



  • Hi, 


    Does anyone know if there is already an Idea on the idea exchange for this issue? 



  • I'm in the same boat. 


    I'm trying to get a list of each user's current model role 

    The only way to do this is for my IT group to keep a text file updated and load that into users + a separate module to keep both of them in sync. 


    Any other ideas?