Display few months of data based on time selection


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I am working on particular client requiremnt. Where, the user dashboard has time as page selector (weekly format). Each time the user selects the particular week, I need to display that particular month and last 2 previous month data (not weekly).


Note : In other words, I have a "movingsum" formula which is calculated weighted average and I need to display the particular month which is picking the data from. 

Suppose, if "MOVINGSUM" is picking last two month and current month data. I need to disply those as well in the separate dashboard/Module.


Can anyone help me in this regard ? Let me know, if you need more details on this.




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  • sandeep_bk

    Thank you so much Jethro. That worked like a magic..!

    Like you had mentioned, Now we have filter month module with line item 'select week', formatted on time-period Week.


    Is there any possible way we could sync this line item- >'select week' with other week formated time dimension ?


    Like, in the dashboard the user is drilling through week (week formated time period). When he selects the partcular week, I want the line item 'select week' needs to be changed accordingy. Can we achieve this ?



    Thanks in advance.






  • Hi Sandeep,


    A possible way to do this:

    1. build a module (Filter month) with a line item called select week, formatted on time-period Week

    2. build a settings module which is dimensioned by months with line items:

    - Selected month -> format boolean -> Formula: PARENT(Filter month.Select week) = ITEM(Time)

    - Selected month and lag -> format boolean --> Formula: Selected month OR NEXT(Selected month) OR NEXT(NEXT(Selected month))

    3. filter the module with data on monthly level based on the line item Selected month and lag

    4. publish the Select week line item and the module with data on the dashboard. The user will need to select a period and refresh the dashboard. Take a look at the printscreen for the result.


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  • Hi Sandeep,


    Connecting the line item "select week" to the published page selector is not possible. Unfortunately, there's not even any other trick possible to make it more dynamic. It would require to be able to dimension week dimensionality with month dimensionality in a single line item. In that case, you could make the valid combinations which hold between each week and month. Since they are both a time dimension, the system doesn't allow you to perform such a trick.



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