"Merge Heading" Feature to Group/Separate Same Line Items


Anaplan Merge Header request.PNG

1. Adding The Merge Header Feature, or "Line Item Header 1" will allow us to group Line Items wit hthe Same name in the module, using the same line iem, and organize the structure overall in a way that is more efficient to build and report. 

2. Merging the Line Item Headers will shorten the Names of the Line items and make it easier to follow, for example, i have to read "Unrealized or Realized Investments" before reading 'Invested Capital". This increase the amount of time analyzing because the line items are not the same and we need to be able to see the entire length of the line item which is often cut off. 

3. I would suggest when we enter a Lintem, create a Foramt type "Line Item Header" then a column with Line Item Header #, so by entering "1" or "2"  in column "Line Item Header #" the line items will be clustered under the specified "Line Item Header" AND "#" applied. 

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