How to give a group of dates as a condition?


Hi, I am trying to build a training diary that should prompt an error message whenever public holidays are being selected. For example , there are 10 public holidays in a year. I need an error message to be prompted while choosing any of the 10 days. How do I use these dates in my formula conditions?


For example, the dates given below are public holidays.




What condition / function do I need to use to trigger a message when any of these dates are selected from the model calendar? 




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    Hi Aishwarya


    Create List called Public Holiday

    Load your Public Holiday Dates into the list.


    Create Text format line item to convert the dates into Text.

    In another line item, use finditem to check whether your selected date is exist in Public holiday list.


    In my Example, 

    Line Item A is Input field

    Line iTem A_Text to Convert Date to text


    Please see the attached pic.


    Hope this will help.




  • DavidSmith

    It can be even simpler

    Create a module by day and have a line item indicating holidays (test, or boolean)

    Create a line item referencing the above using a LOOKUP on the input date


    Holiday Calendar.Public Holiday[lookup:Selected Date]


    That will return the public holiday flag


    You could publish on the dashboard separately or hav is within the input grid




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           Thanks a lot for your immediate response. Yes, your solution is helpful. 


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      Thank you so much for your solution.


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