Make Users List import available for Deployed Mode Models


Description of the enhancement required: It should work in the same way as for Standard model, could you please make available Users List import for Deployed Mode Models? Currently user access settings can be amended manually only.

A story for why they want the enhancement: We have one list which includes 10596 items. This list is using for users selective access. It’s very inconvenient to search needed items manually. And there can be up to 30-50 items to add.
We also use list Grid View to add needed items for accounts. But sometimes it happens that a few users already have access to requested hierarchy level but unfortunately there is no opportunity to add only NEW account in the WRITE column. Unfortunately all the accounts should be also selected again for requested item.

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On Roadmap · Last Updated


  • We plan to resolve this issue, however it may not be in the same way as for standard models - as yet we have not decided on the solution.

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