Alias Property or Label


Description of the enhancement required:
Alias Property or Label

An example of the enhancement:
The Item Name in a list might not always be indicative of what they might want to see in a report, but it’s how it’s stored within their metadata structures so it’s currently what’s being used. Sometimes as part of an alias they might want to append the reporting currency to the name, but it’s not how they would want to show the item name during the Planning process. There’s no reason to create and maintain another list if an “alias” property could be selected instead.

Planning vs. Reporting

  • America vs. Americas (USD)
  • North America vs. North America (USD)
  • Central America vs. Central America (MXN)
  • South America vs. South America (ARS)

A story for why they want the enhancement, (how would it help their business process):
Clients are pushing data sets to Tableau because Tableau allows you to create different “labels” or “aliases” for each item member, which makes the above example feasible.

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  • dkolka

    In addition, it would be great to have labels/alias for Modules names to decouple administrative naming constructs from names applied to published content elements.

  • I agree on the Alias idea.


    In my view, the whole idea behind the Alias is to be able to display the same list items with different names in different dashboards or modules. For that purpose, it would be great to be able to select a display name which is module-specific.


    Imagine this: 

    1. a numbered list with 3 different "Display Name" property.
    2. 3 modules, all of them have the same numbered list from above as dimension
    3. But, for each of these modules, we can set a different "Display Name" for the same list. 
    4. One module could be for reporting, another for planning and the third one, for instance, for data validation, therefore slightly different names may be needed.  

    Maybe a good real case would be workforce planning: some users may work with anonymised items whereas others would be allowed to see real employee names. 


    another scenario where alias could be useful is when exporting a view from a NUX dashboard. This action is fantastic but does not allow you to choose whether you want to display  the items names, codes... as a good old export will do, so if you are using a numbered list with "display name" it would be very difficult to load back the excel into Anaplan. Being able to display the items by the code (the code is the alias in this case) would be very helpful in this scenario.





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