Ability to share a hyperlink to a specific dashboard


A detailed description of the enhancement that is being requested:
Customer would like the ability to hyperlink into a specific Dashboard or element in a Dashboard in Anaplan.

To provide more clarification, could you please explain how you hope the enhancement would assist in your business process(es)?:
Customer would like to be able to share a hyperlink with another individual, that you link them directly to a dashboard or element within a dashboard. Customer believes that this is a poor UI experience for users and it prevents the sharing of valuable information to be smooth.

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  • This will happen in the New UX 

  • Will it work in a SIngle Sign On Environment?

  • Does anyone know if this is now possible with Anaplan Classic?

    Meaning posting dashboard link on an another application and it taking the end user directly to the dashboard without having to select the model & dashboard. 

  • I'm not aware of a way

  • @Beth  Thanks.  I saw that it may be possible in the NEW UX.. Have you tried this? or any experience with the New UX in general?

  • I tried the new UX but haven't launched it.  My model has 300 users doing data entry in grids with a fair amount of columns on some dashboards and the new UX wasn't better than what I have for most of my dashboards.  


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