Ability to pivot by dragging and dropping dimensions without going into pivot


A detailed description of the enhancement that is being requested:
Ability to drag/drop dimensions on the 3 axes (page, rows, columns) as you are looking at a module or item published to a dashboard, instead of having to go through View -> Pivot. This is something that would be useful to have anywhere in the model, not only on dashboards.

To provide more clarification, could you please explain how you hope the enhancement would assist in your business process(es)?:
This enhancement would offer the customer a quicker way to pivot data in real time as they are working in modules and dashboards. While in a dashboard, it would allow the customer to pivot data to show relevant information without having to revisit the source module to change the view.

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  • We are implementing a new View Designer in the New UX that should help with this.

  • Am I right in thinking as a principle Anaplan isn't looking to deploy any UX changes in the current UX solution ? 

  • We continue to make some changes in the current UX. But you are right to say we are investing a lot in new UX.

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