Ability to include more than 2 dimensions in combination chart


Description of Enhancement:
Currently only one dimension on rows and columns are supported for a combination chart, e.g. stacked bar chart. The customer would like the ability to include more than two dimensions.

Example of Enhancement:
If you have Time on columns and Products list and line items on rows you would have to pivot one row dimension to pages to have a combination chart. The customer would like to include all the dimensions in the chart, e.g. have products split into separate columns for each month but also have the columns stacked depending on the line item value for each product.

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  • I would like this to also take one dimension color and overlap it with another dimension color. 


    Example: I have a bar that shows a color with the certain number of deductions that come through and I have another stacked bar that shows a color with the certain number of deductions that were processed for a time period. I would like to see the second stacked bar with processed eventually over ride the first bar of number of incoming deductions. That way we know when that month has been completed or the percentage of completion for a period of time.

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