Summing from week to quarter between timeranges


Hi everyone, 

I have encouterend a problem that keeps bugging me, so I would like to share this with you guys!

In a model I have two timeranges:
Model timerange: 2 years, months, no quarter totals.
additional timerage "Long term": 5 years, quarter totals. 

Module A: Model timerange:
Lineitem 1: timesettings: weeks

Lineitem 2: timeformatted item that contains the Quarter of that month. 

Module B: Time range "Long Term". 
Lineitem 1: timesettings: Quarter. 
I would like to use the formula for module B:  ModuleA.Lineitem1[SUM:ModuleA.Lineitem2] 

Sadly this doesnt work. 

The only way i have found to direct the data from module A to module B, is to make a lineitem that is weekly 'formatted' in stead of quarter formatted. This will cost us an excessive amount of cells, just to convert between time (TImerange 1: weeks, tot timerang2: quarters).

Does anyone have a better solution for this problem? 

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  • rob_marshall

    Sorry, you asked for Quarters and I showed Months.  Essentially, it is the same concept.


    Quarterly Time Filter:2019-01-31_08-18-11.png


    Quarterly Summary Module:2019-01-31_08-19-39.png


    Hope this helps,




  • @RalfdeGier 


    Have you tried using the function TimeSum?  Try the following which I believe will help you.  Create a Time Filter module with Months as the basic Time Range (so the module is defined at the month level) and create two line items: Start Week and End Week with the following formulas:




    I have a transaction module with data at the weekly level:



    In my summary module at the month level, I have a formula using TimeSum




    Hope this helps,




  • Thanks Rob,

    Works like a charm!

    Kind Regards,