Ability to hide/show values for certain series in a chart


A description of the enhancement required:
Add label to some series on a chart but not others

An example of the enhancement:
In this example I would like to show the values for the bars but not for the line, however Anaplan only gives me the option to show the values for both or nothing. Ideally I would also have the option to only show the top values or lower values or the first value or the last value of a series.

A story for why the enhancement is required (specifically, how would it aid the business process):
It would simplify charts and make them easier to read, especially when they are small (and users cannot always maximise them depending on the context) or when figures overlap. That would enable us to make a story about the data for example by highlighting the highest and lowest value only, or showing an average line without displaying all the values which are identical like in the example above.

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