Version formula with valid Circular Reference error does not appear only until a new module with Ver

Description of the enhancement required It would be useful to have a preventive check that would prevent Version formula with valid Circular Reference to be saved during initial setup of the model prior to any new module creations.
An example of the enhancement: When creating a new model from scratch, when the model builder edits Version Settings and tries to enter a circular formula (ie. "Actual - Forecast") in the Forecast Line Item, it should not allow any Circular formula to be saved.
Enhancement request is to throw a valid Circular Reference error immediately, rather than wait till the moment a new module is created with Versions as a dimension.
A story for why they want the enhancement, (how would it help their business process) The consequence of the mistake can only be felt afterwards. We’re basically allowing someone to make a mistake that would prevent the model from using Versions entirely.
It’s like if Excel had a button that, if pressed, stopped you from creating new tabs. Letting that button exist/be pressed is confusing from a product standpoint because creating additional tabs in Excel (creating modules using Versions) is basic functionality
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