Using subsets as conditions in the formula of list properties


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  I need help on the subject . I would like to give a conditional formula for one of my list properties based on the list subset involved. Please let me know if this possible , if yes, how ? Also if not, please suggest alternatives. 


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  • @rob_marshall Agree 🙂

  • Hi @kavinkumar  and  @rob_marshall 


         Thanks a lot for your solutions. Meanwhile, our team arrived at a solution using NOT ISBLANK function. The screenshot of the same is attached herewith. Supplier 1 and Supplier 2 are subsets of the list called 'Supplier'. Request your inputs on the same. 


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  • @Aishwarya yes this should work :). But one small request, instead of NOT ISBLANK() tell the system ISNOTBLANK() so that it will be one request and performance wise it will be good. In NOT ISBLANK() you are giving 2 conditions (first system will check for ISblank and then Not) but you can bring it in this way. Otherwise your logic is good.




  • @kavinkumar Kavin , Thank you for enhancing our idea from model performance point of view! 




  • how did you set the bolean in the subset property property please? it does not look manual. Thanks.
  • TimG

    If the module is dimensioned by the full list, I would start with creating a line in the module with the format and an applies to of the subset. Add an item formula to the line. This will return the item reference for the list members that are in the subset. Then create a second line as the boolean line to check if it is true, in the subset, or false, not in the subset.