Allow model builders to differentiate models by changing the color of the "Anaplan" blue header bar


We have many different models our team of builders uses, all of which have a slightly different name, but sometimes that's not exactly obvious if one is working in the Revision 1 model, or the Revision 2 model, Staging, or Production etc. 


I would like the ability to alter the color of the blue anaplan header bar so that I can tell very easily "oh this is red, i.e. the color used for the Staging model, or "oh it's blue, I know at a glance that this one is the Production model"

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  • Great idea @CallumW !

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  • tobrien

    Yes please. I know other platforms has this as a feature. 

  • This has been a very common complaint from our testers/admins who see very similar data that may not represent our production model. 

  • +1, for us this would be very useful for differentiating between DEV, QA, and PROD versions of models

  • Requesting the ability to change the color of the model banners at the workspace level by the Tenant Administrator. This will significantly help our super users recognize what workspace they are in. When we have multiple Anaplan sessions in different workspaces going, we all get confused as to what workspace we are presently working with.

    We had an issue 2 months ago where test data was entered into a PROD workspace model instead of the QA workspace model. Fortunately, this error was realized quickly and we were able to reverse the test data out of the PROD model. Had it not been caught, our end users would have been confused and concerned by that data. If the PROD workspace were a different color from the QA workspace, the chance of this happening would have been nil.

  • RhondaP

    Yes please! This would be very helpful!

  • Agreed that this will be a huge help to minimize errors.

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