Keyboard Delete / Backspace should delete a selected dashboard object, ENTER should = clicking OK


Seemingly across the board in software the "Delete"/"Backspace" keys can be used to delete a selected item and "Enter" accepts the default button on a dialog.  


Building a dashboard in Anaplan is unnecssarily tedious because neither of these work.  Lack of small quality of life workflow changes like these add up and makes it really tedious to do simple tasks due to requiring excessive mousing & clicking to get an otherwise simple job done.


For example, to delete a text box from a dashboard, due to the default textbox's width, I have click to scroll all the way to the right just to see the little red X button, click it, and click OK (which pressing "Enter" won't do). When deleteing more than one or two items, this sort of roundabout action seems totally unnecssary when just a few keyboard shortcuts would totally streamline the process

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  • Status changed to: Not Planned
  • Status changed to: Not Planned
  • Thanks for raising this. We will not be making these changes to classic dashboards but will take this feedback on-board for the New UX.

  • Fletch

    Hi, I am new to Anaplan, but something that I have noticed and is a bug bare of mine is the inability (as I can tell) to use the keyboard when creating or editing dashboards, it would be great to press delete or enter on the keyboard when trying to remove a table or chart rather than having to use the mouse. I feel it would speed up my dashboard creations by allowing these simple tasks to action changes quickly using the keyboard, thoughts? I am sure there are other possibilities alongside this as well.

  • Miran
    Status changed to: Not Planned

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