Ability for customers to set time frame for when sessions will time out



  • Totally agree with this request.

    Please take care this and consider on the product roadmap.

  • Hello from 2022! I completely agree! It would be a great improvement. 

  • Is this issue solved? I see that contributors and partners alike have been requesting this update since 2019.

    I can only agree with the rest, this is needed and should be one of the top priorities, it really affects the day to day work.

  • I vote for adding this feature as well.

  • We are now in 2023, do we have an update on this request?

  • bumping, as I don't see a response yet. Is this confirmed as "on the roadmap"

  • @Rebecca @johan_vangerwen I was about to ask for the same thing and found this post. Do you know if this is being taken forward?

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