Save Charts as 'Saved View' on modules

Hi Anaplan,


It would be great if Anaplan had the ability to save charts to the 'saved views' on modules. 

Allowing users to re publish and edit charts without having to recreate the chart each time. 





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  • Status changed to: In Review
  • Very nice idea, We don't need to republish by recreating the chart if there are any issues.

  • @manchiravi thanks for your support! 


    Also I think its great for when wanting to add a new line item or dimension to a chart without having to completely re create it! 

  • It is possible to save in a meaningful way a saved view to be able to retrace back to the chart that was published, but indeed would be nicer to have an already saved view of the chart. 🙂


    It would be also useful to be able to toggle between "Chart view" and "tabular" view when you have a chart definition created. 



  • Yes please! Also provide some info to track if that saved view is being referenced by any dashboards!

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