More advanced Grouping, Sorting and Filtering of the lists of Modules / Dashboards / Actions etc


During Anaplan training a user creates 5 or 6 modules / dashboard etc. Easy.  Our model has a staggering list of actions, modules and dashboards. In our model are we have:

  • 593 Modules
  • 248 Dashboards
  • 1767 Actions

Model builders need a more robust wayto manage this. Having the ability to filter these lists by a type (Import, Export, Open, Create etc.) or by word(s) "Project Manager", "Program", would be life changing as a model builder. 


Being able to put these into more meaningful groups would be incredibly helpful.  Why?  Within the 4 existing action groupings (Processes, Imports, Exports, Other Actions") we have nearly 900 items under "Imports", and many of which are doing similar things that could be further categorized to help the model builder find things and speed up their workflow tremendously.


I equate the current organization in these lists to something like having every file on your computer taken out of folders and put on your desktop.  Good Luck with that. 😄


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  • Status changed to: In Review
  • I think being able to sort Modules by either Name (as currently), Functional Group and or size would be a step in the right direction if the other options are not available or difficult to build. In fact any of the items in the Modules Grid at the moment should be available to either sort or filter. As to Actions agree that once you get over a certain size then you have to be creative in your naming of the actions, processes etc in order to be able to easily find the ones you are looking for.

  • Hello @DavidE, @Rebecca, @nick_barker, @Miran

    Any update about this idea ?

  • A folder structure with expand and collapse options is a very basic and necessary update to get us away from making dummy blank modules/lists with symbols in the name.

    I have been working with Anaplan for 8yrs and it baffles me how this still hasn't been done!

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