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People find the refresh menu on the dashboard toolbar too difficult to find. We have been asked many times for an action to refresh a dashboard.

Another way would be to incorporate this into a dashboard toolbar.

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  • There is a refresh button in a nice obvious place in the New UX. We are not planning to change the behaviour in classic dashboards.

  • I believe you can publish a button that 'Opens a Dashboard', which should function as a refresh button. You can give this a try until the new UX is rolled out. Feel free to correct me if the functionality isn't what I think.
  • NoahJ

    I would also like a 'refresh dashboard' publishable button, as the 'Open Dashboard' button is less efficient in terms of processing performance.

  • @NoahJ Hi Noah - would you be able to elaborate on the processing performance inefficiencies of this approach? We use this approach quite commonly so want to ensure we aren't inadvertently hurting user performance.

  • @wquan - The Anaplan Planual (best practices document) states "4.01-08 Avoid Refresh buttons - Educate the users to use the Refresh option in the toolbar rather than action "refresh" buttons to open dashboards": 


    My understanding of the reason for this is that an 'Open Dashboard' action reloads the entire dashboard, where the 'Refresh' option in the toolbar only refreshes the data displayed and is thus more efficient from a processing standpoint.


    However, until there is an option to have the functionality of the 'Refresh' option published on a convenient location on the dashboard, I will continue to use the 'Open Dashboard' button because the benefits to usability and intuitiveness outweighs the small difference in refresh processing time.

  • @NoahJ Thanks so much for that! Missed that one in the Planual. Yep - I'm with you, will likely do the same as our end-users won't adopt having to do the dropdown + refresh solution (the small things in life isn't it...)

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