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Column headers provide the option with "Column Settings" to wrap text, body cells should allow wrapping as well

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  • We are investigating solutions to see long text strings easily in the New UX. The solution asked for here is wrapping text in body of a grid. This is an option we are investigating in the New UX, however we are also looking at a tooltip that could display on hover above a cell with a long string. I've tagged as On-roadmap as I believe we should be solving this problem in the New UX relatively soon.

  • In the old interface, if wrapping of text cells is not an option, the ability to hover and read the entire contents just as you have accomplished in the New UX would be awesome!
  • Fully agree with the original request. I've been asking for cell wrapping for years because our model contains a lot of text, not just numbers. I was advised that the new UX would do text wrapping, and I would be very disappointed to see this downgraded to hover-view.

  • Relegating this functionality to a tooltip will not solve the underlying issue, so I truly hope that text wrapping is implemented. I fully support the idea that Anaplan should be able to wrap text within cells. Indeed, I think this would appease many current and prospective users who use text or commentary within their models. This would especially assist in creating long vertical dashboards rather than the lease appealing short and wide dashboards.

  • Is there any update on when wrap-text will be available on the new UX? While hover functionality is adequate when in the Anaplan system, it is not suitable when dashboards are exported to PDF to be used in presentations.

  • Text in cells will now wrap in a grid in the UX when the row height is increased to accommodate the wrapped text. The row height setting is found in the Grid tab for the Grid card settings. 




  • Thank you @sprender !!


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