Create a "Date Last Modified" column in Modules to let Admins see when line items were last changed


I would like the ability to interrogate when a Module has received changes to specific line items to help in troubleshooting bugs. For example, when someone changes a line item's summary type, or formular, or data type, or name etc. this should ideally change the "Date Last Modified" for that line item.


I could see this "Date Last Modified" column being next to the "Notes" column in the module itself, being a read-only system generated date.  This would be helpful to quickly tell which line items have recently changed when tracing the source of newly discovered bugs.  


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  • Very helpful in investigating issues.

  • In addition I suggest to record the user who last  made a change.

  • We would also agree with adding information as to which user made the changes. We also use a software called Prophet at our company and it includes that information (person and date/time of last change) which has been extremely helpful in the past. It would be helpful in Anaplan development as well.

  • FNatale

    This would be greatly beneficial! While this is specifically focused to when a single line item inside an individual Module was last modified (and by who), it would also be a huge help to see when the Module itself was last touched…..regardless of which line item it was. Seeing the creation date and created by would help significantly with development to know which party is doing what. Can this also be expanded to other objects (Lists, Actions, etc.)?

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