Create a hierarchy graph type

The hierarchy view for the workspace admin is very useful but unfortunatley we cannot produce a graph that replicates this functionality for the end users.

As partners, we've been regularly asked by our clients to provide more graph related views of the underlying structure and data.

The idea of such a graph would be that you generate a hierarchy graph based on a defined list in a module that utilises the list hierarchy as the graph structure. You can then use any line item to populate the values in the different boxes. I have loaded an example as an attachement. In this example, the line item chosen to display in the boxes is just the item name.

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  • I would add that this visualization could be used for territories and sales crediting if it had the following:

    - Attributes of the dimension are date effective

    - Attributes of the Dim/Node can be categorized

    - Hierarchy itself can be expanded / contracted / edited and also date effective or versioned


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