Changes on Conditional Formatting sync with Dashboards automatically




I'd like to suggest the changes on Conditional Format sync with Dashboards automatically. We have to publish it again every time we need to change the conditional formatting...

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  • Hi,


    This is a great idea and will be really useful when re-designing dashboards or when adding conditional formatting to existing dashboards. 





  • I don't know if this helps with your problem or not, but we create conditional formating line items and then format a line item on that conditional formatting line item so that we just have to update the CF line item formula, rather than updating the actual values in the CF settings! I may not be understanding you correctly, though. Just thought I would share if it helps! 🙂

  • @dgregs I agree with you there that is the 'best practice' but then if you make a conditional formatting change within the module it does not update on the dashboard unless you re-publish the view/module which can be frustrating especially if you have alot of content on your dashboard. But with this idea any changes made to module in terms of conditional formatting will update on the dashboard without re publishing which would be great! 

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