On Dashboards add basic text qualities- Eg. Underline, Bold, Italics, Strike-through

When I have a dashboard, and I want to bring attention to different statements, portions of them, highlights, etc.

Having the ability to change the text formatting in more ways then the current 5 options:
Heading 1
Heading 2

Heading 3



And allow for changing things within those fomatts; eg. for a instructions text box.

Please Verify that the data is correct then
Then click on the Proceed button when you are done

When well executed, instructions are more likely to be executed correctly, in the proper order, and for those that are not inclined to read a full set of instructions they will get the key functions or actions they they need to take while not detracting from the more maticulious indiviudals within the organization. Alternatively the instuctions can be less comprehensive and not explain why they are doing something have it just be the very basics of what is to be done, without clarification. Which can make it so some things aren't done correctly, when they try and recall the last time they were on the dashboard and don't want to read the directions again.

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