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We have a requirment as below. 

We are setting up a General List to track the consumption of hardwares at different sites in the world.

There are two columns in this general list. One is Combination which can have  three values (Region/Country/Site).

The next column is Combination_Name. 

The idea is based on the value entered in the Combination column, the Combination_Name should show a relevant list of values. ex. If the users enter Region in the Combination column,then they can select either EMEA or APAC or AMERICAS in the Combination_Name. Same way, if they select Country in the Combination column, thenCombination_Name will have the list of countries from which users will select one.


Much appreciate if anybody provides some pointers on how this can be acheived.




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  • pnataraj
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    Thank you very much Vignesh.. It worked..





  • Hi Vignesh,

    Is there a way to default a value in a dependant list.

    I have a list which I am populating based on values selected from another list. Now When I want to ask the user to make the selection I want it to be defaulted to the first value in the list. Is there a way to achieve this?




  • @DeepakPrasad 


    No, I don't think so. Anaplan doesn't have an option of defaulting the dependent list to its first value. You have to make the selection. Also Drivers need to be selected first before the selection is made in the Dependent dropdowns

    If you have a use case for which you need this you can post this into idea exchange forum.




  • Hi,


    Do you know if there is a way to make a dependent dropdown based on multiple drivers

  • Thank you, it works !


    Do you know if there is a way to create a dynamic list based on a mapping module? (no hierarchy relation between the lists)

  • Hi @AmalGHL 

    Usually dependent dropdown list is created by module mapping only. Here is the link to documentation. You can study it and see how it's done with the help of a module.

    If you still have any doubt, I can also show you the implementation for the case mentioned above.


    - Shubham

  • GP

    Screenshots seem to be messed up. Sad i cannot follow the solution without :-/