Data format change from List to Text



We have two columns in a General list ,i.e SKU Config Group and Config Group. 

The SKU Config Group is having format type of  List  and the Config Group is in text format. Our requirment is to copy the value from SKU Config Group column into Config Group. The reason being there are formulas already buit in the modules based on the text format of the Config Group column and we do not want to change that.

Any pointers on how to convert the List format value from one column into another which is having text format?






  • @pnataraj ,


    You can use the NAME() which turns the list formatted line item to a text.


    Hope this helps,



  • HI Prabakaran,


    Just need a clarification on the list SKU Config Group. If it is a numbered list then use Code() else Name().

    Wondering what is the unique identifier for that list and if that matches with Text formatted Property (Either code or Name) then use one of the above.




  • Hi Prabakaran

    You may use the ITEM() function to firstly extract the member of the list and then subsequently use NAME() to get the text value.

  • First use item() function to extact the list item and then use name() to convert it into text

  • Shruthi

    Hi Everyone,


    I am facing same issue while converting list item formatted line item to text formatted. 

    Line item 1: is formatted with numbered list

    Line item2 : Need result in Text Format.


    I pulled item of numbered list using function " Item( Numbered List) "  to Line item 1.  and used function "Name(' Line Item')" converting data to text format. But instead Name if items i getting #numbers of list items. Please help me here. 

  • You may either want to refer to the CODE or create a display name for that list.
    Numbered Lists - Anaplan Technical Documentation

  • Shruthi

    Hi MarkWarren, 


    Thank you for your quick reply.

    1: Using Code :  if i use code, I am able to pull code of that numbered list items not item names.

    2: Display Name : Display name is already set to the numbered List


    I am able to pull Name of items to list formatted line item. but converting it to Text formatted line item is where i am stuck.  


    Thank you



  • What format is the display name?
    If it is text then you can just reference it by using list.display_name in a text line item dimensioned by that list

    If the display name is in another format, reference it the same way and convert

  • If your display name is text formatted then you can reference this with a [LOOKUP: LIST] which will bring the display name through in the text format.