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Hi Experts,


In Employee list we maintained one property called Reporting Person.

In Reporting person property we maintain reporting employee names for eg: manager reporting to owner , Supervisor reporting to manager,Staff reporting to Supervisor.



In Selection When i select Owner position then Show all owner combination data in one report Its working correctly.

In second report we need to display all descendent members of Particular Owner. (i.e managers,supervisors,staff under Particular owner)




in the above screenshot Sravan is owner under his have some managers,supervisors and Staff employees.All descendent employees display in second report.





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  • DavidSmith
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    Ok, this works

    Expanding on my solution from above I added the Reporting to? line item to the Employee Details module (formatted as the Employees list)

    1. Add two line items to the Employee Filter module, both formatted as Boolean2019-03-05_15-53-40.png

    2. the formula for Children Filter is Analyse?[LOOKUP: Employee Details.Reporting to?]

    3. Publish just the Analyse? column to the dashboard, set the Employee column width to 6

    4. Now Publish the Employee Details module again below the top grid and filter the module on the Children Filter from above2019-03-05_16-01-22.png

    5. Now when you filter from above, you can filter the second view accordingly2019-03-05_15-54-47.png

    Given the Analyse? filter may get hidden if you change the top filter, it would be worth putting some instructions on the dashboard to clear the Analyse? settings before amending the top filter


    Hope that helps



  • Hi Uma,



    You already have 1st filter,


    Add 2nd Filter, Use the logic shown above.


    Apply the 2nd filter in your 2nd Table.



  • That will only work if the orginal filter resolves to a single employee

    If the filter reslovers to 1+ Owners, the filter will show multiple chains of authority

    the solution might require some parallel lists

    I will have a think!



    Hi David,


    It will work even we have 1+Owners. 

  • Agreed, but you won't be able to sync the lower grid when you select an owner from the top grid, which I understood to be the requirement

  • Pooja

    Hi Uma,


    As a best practise replicate same List into Module.


    Create Single cell Employee list formatted line item and one Boolean line item.

     Write a logic shown Below.


    Now Apply a filter based on Boolean as shown below.


    Now Publish both Single selection line item and filtered saved view.




  • Yes David , you are right, the 2nd grid won't sync if we select particular employee.

  • Hi david,


    Thank you for your reply.


    As per above reply when i select Owner then it displays manager members only. But as per the requirement when i select owner it displays all decendent members i.e managers,supervisors and staff.



    In the above screenshot sravan(Owner) based on owner selection  we need to display pallavi(Manager),Prasanth(Supervisor),Arun(Staff).But in your solution it shows only manager(Pallavi).


    Hope you understood.




  • HI All,


    I think we some how missed the requirement completly. Here the requirement is to show all the dependents not only the child of Owner but also its Supervisor and so on. 

    @UMAMAHESH I think its a flat file import that we are getting from external system. My suggestion would be get this flat upload into Data Hub and then create hierarchies meaning Owner(L1), Manager(L2), Supervisor(L3) and so on with required attributes.

    If you go with this approach then the synchronization will happen automatically. Put your attributes filter at top level and then publish the same to dashboards.

    Let me know if you neeed more clarification on the above methodology :).


    Hope this helps!





  • Ok, if I understand correctly, you are wanting the whole chain of reporting to be displayed in the bottom grid not just the direct children

    To faciliate this, you can set up line items in the Employee details module to traverse back up the hierarchy

    So manager L4, Manager L3, Manager L2 ertc.2019-03-06_10-48-43.png

    The line item formulae are:

    L2 Mgr = Reporting to?[LOOKUP: Reporting to?]

    L1 Mgr = Reporting to?[LOOKUP: 'L2 Mgr']

    You then need to amend the Children filter to check against the new "Manager" line items from above2019-03-06_10-48-11.png

    This will now reflect the full hierarchy when selecting which top level manager to analyse2019-03-06_10-50-31.png



    Then you should be able to use those to check again the filtered values.  

  • Hi david,


    Thank you for your reply.

    Its working fine.


    pls clarify the below point

    Two diffreent location users open employee dashboard.

    Then one user click on analyze?(formatted in boolean) line item then based on user selection those employee childern members display in second  reports. 

    At the same time second user open same dashboard click on analyze? line item then second report expands first user selected employee childer members and second user select employee childern members.


    Finally it effects second report in dashboard.


    Everytime user see the data then untick the analyze? line item in case user forgot to untick lineitem. then second report in dashboard effects. I think this is not a good practice.





  • Make sure that you add the users list as a dimension in the criteria module and the filter modules.  That way the users' choices shouldn't overlap


  • Hi david,


    Yeah. Thats correct. Now working fine.


    Thank you.