Count layers in a list?




I am looking to count the number of layers (not descendants) in an employee hierarchy.


For example:

Manager 1 has 3 direct reports

Mananger 2 reports to Manager 1 and has 4 Direct Reports

Manager 3 reports to Manager 2 and has 1 Direct Report


The result would be:

Manager 1 has 3 levels

Manager 2 has 2 levels

Manager 3 has 1 level


Any idea on how to calculate that?  I have a list that has the employee reporting hierarchy.  I had tried to add a level calc, but cases where there are multiple people reporting to the same manager (siblings) is causing a problem.




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  • DavidSmith
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    1. What you'll first need to do is check for each manager for each level. You will need a line item for each level to the maximum that you know you might have


    2. Then add a line item (Count) with a '1' formula

    3. Add another line item (Level Count), and check for each level for the maximum number of levels using the MAX aggregation method.  You need the MAX function to eliminate -Infinity in the results2019-03-20_15-44-17.png

    Hope this helps


  • rob_marshall

    @OSUBlakester ,


    So David is correct, just missed one additional MAX, the one for the bottome level.




  • HI @OSUBlakester ,


    Can you please give some mock up or screen shot of your hierarchy. It would be really helpful to understand the problem. 


    What does this mean? Manager 2 has 2 levels. Eventhough Manager 2 level has 4 records in it, those are assigned to only 2 parents(Manager 1 items)? If yes, then I have a solution!


    Can you please elaborate?




  • Here's a mock up of what I am talking about.   I'm ultimately trying to quantify the number of LAYERS (not employees) below a manager.





  • Thanks for the quick responses.  I'm getting an error message "Datatype mapping used for aggregation does not match any dimension of the result"


    Here's what I did:

    Added Count line item, Number format, formula is 1

    Added Max Level line item, Number format

    Added this formula to the Max Level line item:

    Max(Count[MAX:Manager Name],0)


    I've tried multiple variations of the datatypes and the formula.  The Manager Name is a Line Item that contains the direct Manager.  It is a List datatype, using a list that contains a manager hierarchy.  Not sure what is causing the error



  • Nevermind, I see that I need to add the count as a list property to the Managers list.



  • @OSUBlakester ,


    No list properties are needed and shouldn't be used.  Everything you need is in the above module.  So the Employee's List is really just a "flat" hierarchy where there are no levels since you are defining who the people roll up to.  The Report to?, Manager L3, Manager L2, are list formated line items with the Employee Flat as the list.  The count is a hardcoded "1", and the summary for the final is just a sum.


    Hope this helps,