Create a new module with TIME (and others) as dimensions from a module where TIME is a line Item


I have a module called Sales: dimension is a list,Employee-Product Groups. Line Item is Units Sold and Time Period (MONTH). I want to create a module with 2 Dimensions ,  Employee-Product Groups and TIME, and the rest of the line items.

Please help.


  • When you create a module, the TIME will default to the columns, so just drag in Employee-Product Groups to the pages and enter the desired line items

    If you are trying to change the 'applies to' after the module has been created, click on the timescale column in the blueprint and choose the applicable time scale.  Remember to then adjust the line items too

    Hope this helps


  • Hi Ms Peach,


    Assuming your new module is called Units Sold with 1 LI called 'Value', then


    Units Sold.Value = Sales.Units Sold[sum:Sales.Time].