Push Boolean selection from input module to detail module


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I am trying to push a boolean selection from one module to another.  Let's call them input module and calculation module.


The input model sits at a hierarchy several levels above the detail module.


Input Module has not time version or time dimension and sits 3 levels above in the hierarchy.

Calc Module has time and version and there...not sure if I am running into a compatability issue.


I have tried a lookup which seems to be the correct approach, but this didn't return the value.




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    These steps are as per my understanding... Please do the following...

    • Create the line item in the Calculation module which will bring the parent (3 levels above in hierarchy)

    Use Parent formula here like PARENT(PARENT(PARENT(ITEM('LEVEL 4')))) and line item format will be 'LEVEL 1'

    • Use this line item to do the look up and get the boolean value

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  • Hi @jasnyder1973 ,


    If the source module doesn't have Time and Version, but the target module has Time and Version, then Target module can still refer to the Source module directly. 


    However if there's also a Level 4 list in the source module, and a Level 1 list in the target module, then the solution is as @Rashmih suggested.


    To add to @Rashmih's point, and to be aligned with the DISCO methodology of creating modules, any S(ystem) related data should be in a module of its own.


    Create 'Level 4 Properties' module, i.e. 'Level 4' is the name of the list. The following line items are created:

    1. Level 1 = PARENT(Level 2)

    2. Level 2 = PARENT(Level 3)

    3. Level 3 = PARENT(ITEM(LEVEL 4))


    The approach above has 2 benefits, i.e.

    1. Level 1 and Level 2 can technically be PARENT(PARENT(PARENT(ITEM(LEVEL 4)))) and PARENT(PARENT(ITEM(LEVEL 4))), but with the formula above we're cutting down the number of calculations.


    2. Other modules in the model can then refer to 'Level 4 Properties'.'Level 1', 'Level 4 Properties'.'Level 2', 'Level 4 Properties'.'Level 3' without creating redundant line items all over the model.




  • Actually the source module has the level 1 list and the target module has the level 4 list. I want to push down from level 1 to level 4. Additionally there is another dimension that is a level 1 that I am pushing to level 2. Is the issue that I am trying to push down along two dimensions? I have also cleaned this up to remove the versioning to see if that was the problem
  • Hi @jasnyder1973 ,


    Why don't you attach a screen shot, or excel to describe in more details what issue you're facing?