Getting Connected with Anaplan Connect


How Connected Anaplan with other Database ?

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  • jesse_wilson

    Please review the guide I linked, and download the Anaplan Connect zip file. There are example scripts provided. If you have any questions after going through these, feel free to post them here.




  • Hi,


    Please review the Anaplan Connect documentation, it walks through setting up a simple integration with databases via JDBC connection. This must be a on-prem database that has a JDBC driver. This option does not currently support writing back to a database, but can be achieved through additional scripting. For a solution that does support bi-directional integrations, please explore our other integration options (Boomi, Informatica, Mulesoft, Snaplogic).



  • So using LINUX or using wondows ?
  • Anaplan Connect works on both Windows and any Unix-like environment (Unix, Linux, Mac).

  • Panji

    u can use linux or windows depend on your needs

    the different is windows using bat(Command line)

    linux using sh(Shell Script)



  • What is this CMIIW ? but using Command Line its okay?
  • But using COmmand line using .bat file ?
  • Yes, both Batch on Windows and Shell on Linux/Mac/Unix are done in command line.

  • CMIIW is correct me if im wrong

  • How the example ?
  • ok ,, i am understand