Hi Experts,


I am using two line items, Both line items are text format.

Line item 1: FCST_1

Line item 2: FCST_2


For suppose 

FCST_1= 5.4591



By using FCST_1 we need to calculate FCST_2= 5,46(Rounded value AND instaed of dot we need replace comma)


To do the requirement i write the below formula

FCST 2= IF FCST_1 = 0 THEN "0" ELSE LEFT(TEXT(FCST_1), FIND(".", TEXT(FCST_1)) - 1) & "," & MID(TEXT(FCST_1), FIND(".", TEXT(FCST_1)) + 1, 2)


By using above formula the result was FCST_2 = 5,45 (not a rounded figure) but we need to get a round off figure i.e 5,46


Can you please update the above formula for round the FCST_2 line item value.





  • Hi, 


    You could just put the formula in the TEXT formatted line item like this:


    SUBSTITUTE(TEXT(ROUND(FCST_1, 2)), ".", ",")

  • Hi,


    Before we talk about the solution, i do want to talk about 'In Anaplan, just because you can, doesn't mean you should'.


    All of us love Anaplan, because it's super flexible and we feel empowered. But we must realize that Text must ONLY be used where ABSOLUTELY NEEDED, and not as a means to capture everything from the source system (at least i think that's why you did what you did). Text takes up a lot of workspace, and it consumed a lot of server overhead in the background, dragging the overall performance of your model.


    Please talk to whoever needed, be it the Database folks or the business users to make sure the source is number formatted before sending it over to Anaplan. I might be wrong in my assumption, and please correct me if i'm wrong by providing more context. Do explain the above effects to the client.


    Having said that, please see if the following works. Do note that i'm using ROUND, VALUE keyword, and the 'Decimal Point' options in the number format page.

    Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 12.44.56 PM.pngScreen Shot 2019-06-12 at 12.45.08 PM.png