Line Item Subset for Text Formatted line item


Is there a workaround for selecting a non-number line item in a Line item Subset?


I've created a filter for increasing and decreasing the number of lines shown in a dashboard table using David Smith's outline in this post:


The problem I'm running into is only being able to select Number formatted lines for the dashboard table. My users have a comment field that I need to retain in the view.

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  • rob_marshall

    @TimG ,


    Sorry, but a line item subset can only use the number format, so no booleans, texts, or dates.



  • DavidSmith
    Answer ✓


    The only option is to have the comments field displayed separately on the grid, synchronised with the page selector

    You can do this by publishing the line item directly or create a 'comments module' dimensioned by the relevant list.

    I normally position these under the grid so that you can expand it to give a decent amount of space for comments.

    Hope this helps