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I currently see an option for "Sort by Latest Post Date". In addition, it would be helpful to be able to sort/filter by/for the following: 

  1. solved vs unsolved 
  2. # of replies
  3. # of total kudos within the post thread

I believe this would be helpful for contributors to find posts that still need replies. Even if a question is old, if it is answered it will serve as a reference for anyone searching for answers to the same question. Right now I am clicking through each page and scanning for 0 reply posts. Also, if we could search for high kudos posts, I would be able to see examples of some of the most well-received answers, so I can model my own answers accordingly.

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  • Stan

    Great news - We do plan to start to roll out enhanced message feeds with some additional filters in the near future.  We'll be rolling this out initially in our User Groups, with plans to then expand it to the rest of the Community throughout the year.

  • @erika.harman We've rolled out the first version of this onto our Forums landing page (towards the bottom) ->


    You can sort by Most Kudoed, Solved, No Responses Yet, Most Recent Topics (default). Let us know if you have any feedback.  We'll be looking to roll out a version of this into further areas of Community in the near future.

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