Conditional Format using line items from another module


It would be really useful to apply conditional formatting based on line items in another module.

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  • 100% Agree - This adds a lot of model size to have to use a line item in each model

    This is classic System module territory and calculate once, reference many times

    e.g formatting actual periods as blue, forecast periods as red - this could/should be set in a module by time and nothing else.  It doesn't need the full dimensionality

  • Miran
    Status changed to: In Review
  • JLD

    This will be a great enhancement. 

    This will save size and time, and is easy to maintain. Builders will not need to add SAME format line item per each module.

    For eg., All input line items will be formatted in yellow shade. We can have it in a control module as global input format with no dimension and apply it across all modules.

  • Will be really helpful if we can leverage other module line items for conditional formatting, so I support this idea.


    Like how we use filters across the modules that are using same dimension, similarly we should extend it for conditional formatting too. 


    This will help to save size, not to duplicate same business rules in different modules, and also will provide better & easy maintenance.

  • Rebecca
    Status changed to: In Review
  • What a great idea, I would like to have it implemented. 


    As a work-around until is implemented, you can remove all dimensions of the format line item to save space, as well as turning summary offs. Sometimes, only turning summary off will work, as removing dimensions makes the conditional formatting behaving strange. 


  • Great idea - I can imagine some nuances with the dimensions being used though. And, assuming security will be taken into account. 

  • Great idea @AWhitworth can't wait for this to be released! it will definitely save space and save time when producing conditional formatting! 

  • 100 Agree!! Creating a CF line item in every module is unnecessary. If it could behave like DCA line items/filters that would be amazing!

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