I have the problem .. i have a list on left and i have the formula like the picture .. half the list using formula and half again using formula but null value . how work for the problem?

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  • DavidSmith
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    You cant have a blank OR zero in Anaplan. There is no concept of Null. A number cannot be blank. So I’ll take a guess
    IF line item 1 = 0 THEN 0 ELSE line item 2 - line item 1
    If line item 1 is not often zero you should write it the other way around
    IF line item 1 <> 0 THEN line item 2 - line item 1 ELSE 0
    You should put the most common expression first.
    Hope that helps.


  • Hi @adisulyadi,


    Do you have a module with the list (as mentioned in your screenshot)? If so, can you please share the screenshot of your module for better understanding.




  • Hi @adisulyadi ,


            In your screenshot, column 'I' is cropped. Can you please include that column also in your screenshot for us to understand what exactly is your requirement. 


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  • @DavidSmith  Adding to your idea , I think if they need a blank cell there for values=0 , they can choose 'blank' from 'Zero values' drop down while choosing the number format for that line item.