Module Selection for Line Item Subset With >1000 Modules


We have encountered a bug where if there are more than 1000 modules in a model, the panel where you select a module(s) to assign to a line item subset does not work. There is a workaround available (provided by Anaplan support to us about a year ago) where we can look at the web-page elements and find the code for the module, but this is time-consuming and not intuitive. It has come up a few more times recently and I realized I had never actually put this in as a request.


It would be better if the module selection screen would still work even when there are more than 1000 modules in the model.


LIS Module Selection.JPG

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  • Miran
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  • We have encountered a similar issue. Surprisingly, this has not been fixed since the time this post was created. 

    It is a genuine limitation in the platform and needs to be addressed as a part of the future release at the earliest


  • The support team has provided a workaround, but it is really uncomfortable. This must be considered a bug and fixed asap.

  • This is causing problems for us also.  I'm amazed it has been an issue since 2019.

  • This is causing problems for us also. 

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