finditem in list with parent as a lineitem in module




I have this module of list Quota Types and I want to find the items Quota Types list and display them in Secondary of Secondary Quota Name line item below, who has a parent of Secondary Quota Name Capture.PNG

I'd love some help please!


Thanks 🙂 




  • Sorry! I didn't mean who has a parent of Secondary Quota Name, but who has a Quota Types.Primary Quota of Secondary Quota Name 


  • @aabalos ,


    Sorry, I am confused.  Can you please explain your issue in more detail as well as talk a little bit about the structures (lists) you have created?


    Also, as best practice, it is best to not have attributes in lists, but rather in modules (dimensionalized by the same list).  This will help in formula writing (it is easier), the model map (list attributes are not portrayed in the model map), as well as be a central place for all model builders to get this data (create once, reference many times).