New Line Items in source Modules, within Saved Views, should be hidden by default.

Current behavior:

Create a Saved View within a Module, navigate to that Saved View, publish to a dashboard. Then, close the Saved View and add a new Line Item within that same Module.


You will find that the newly created line item is present in the published Module Saved View.


Requested behavior:

Module Saved Views would retain only the Line Items that were showing when the Saved View was created. Therefore, within a source Module if a new Line Item is created, all Saved Views would have new Line Items hidden by default. 



This would prevent having to edit any already published Saved Views on dashboards / within Modules if additions would need to be made. This is especially desirable when multiple people are working on an Anaplan modeling project. Overall, would save time for Model Builders.

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  • Is this not the behavior that occurs when you create a saved view by “showing” line items rather than “hiding” them? Not trying to be contrary here but I do kind of like the current behavior - although model builders do have to get into the habit of appropriately showing/hiding line items as appropriate, depending on the needs. 

  • Agreed - There are always different opinions, but if you did want to preserve the view, as mentioned above, when creating the view, highlight all of the rows and click 'show".  That will prevent new line items coming through.

    this works for existing views too; open the view, highlight the rows and click show

  • Thank you both, you've made the workaround clear. I do still believe what I described above would be a more intuitive behavior so I will leave this open. To elaborate further:


    For a Saved View (Not applied at default Module view):

    IF moduleView == savedView AND lineItem != 'hidden', THEN lineItemState == 'show'. (Instead of the current default state, hidden, and show as potential states for Saved Views).


    Then if new objects are added to the grid, using 'Select Items to Show' could be used to include any new Line Items within the view, setting that Line Item to 'show'.

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  • The source issue of what you are describing is that saved views do not sync with the views on a dashboard!

  • This is huge.  Having a large model, finding places where someone posted a module view to a dashboard and used "hide" instead of show is a pain to find and fix.  At least let me choose whether the system default of my model is to show new line items or hide them. 


    Then everyone wins.

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  • Status changed to: In Review

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