Advanced Search: Allow use of Boolean Operators etc. in model search


I use the search functionality in Anaplan a lot because otherwise it's difficult to find things.  It would be helpful to use operators (like in a google search) to find things. Here's an example:


Pretend I have a dashboard named "David's XYZ Extravagant Dashboard - Cost Sheet"

When searching, if I miss a single character search produces nothing. If typed "dashboard cost sheet" into the search window I'd get nothing (because I'm missing the " - ").  


A better way would be if I could type some things I remember and use an operator....something like:

"Cost AND extra" since those are the two parts I can remember. Search should return my fictitious dashboard's name because the string "cost" and "extra" are both found in its name, despite the dashboard name having them in a different order.


NOT should let me excluding something...

i.e if I have many cost sheet dashboards with similar names, but I know the one I want doesn't have the string "extra" in it's title, I would type "Cost sheet NOT extra"



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