Timeline Chart with Dynamic Start/End Date


It would be nice if Timeline Charts allowed for the start and end date settings to be dynamic (or assigned to a line item). Currently, you have to choose a start and end date when you create a timeline chart, which effectively limits the chart to your initial publication. For example, if you are using a timeline chart to display the timelines of multiple projects (with Synchronized Paging selected for your projects to allow the chart to update dynamically), you are stuck with whatever start/end dates you first selected. If one project starts in April and ends in June and another starts in September and ends in October, you cannot currently set the chart to start in April and end in June then dynamically update to September to October when you select the second project.


All other graphs update their axes automatically, so why should the timeline chart be any different?

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  • 100% agree, was just about to post this idea, but i'm glad this is here. It would be great if the Axis Start and Axis end date could be updated through a formula or through a sync as mentioned above, we have case where we would like to see activities by short, medium and long term, and having a set axis (non dynamic) is not an option.

  • The Gantt chart in the UX has a dynamic time axis which spans the data returned in the view. We plan to enhance this in the future to give additional options such as a fixed axis or even using a line item to define the parameters. It is currently dynamic however so it meets the requirements above. There are no plans to update the time line chart in classic dashboards.

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