Parent Child Mapping Error



I'm trying to load master data in the system but in the files which I trying to load have erroneous records like one child has multiple parents. So is there any work around in which I can identify those combinations in a staging module for error check in anaplan.


  • @Prashant22may1 

    Depending on your data and the unique key there are a few ways to do this, but yes you could check for this before importing into the target list

    a. You could create a numbered list under the parents list so the "child" is present under multiple parents

    b. Create a module by this "child" list with a single line item (count) with a formula of 1

    c. Create a flat list of children along with a module mapping the "child" against the list from 1a.

    d. Use a sum formulae to sum the count from 1b to see how many occurrences there are

    e. Filter on the count >1 for those with multiple parents to highlight the problems


    You could also bring the transactions into a staging module and do a similar check above before importing into the target list


    Hope that helps




  • Hi David,


    This could be the way when this multiple parent mapping occurs at last level, but there are 7 level of hierarchy & this multiple parent record can be at any level. So can there be a work around for this.     

  • You will first need to create a flat list of "all" parents and ensure that the lists includes all potential parents for each level.  you should be able to create this from the file by referencing the "parent" field


    you will then be able to bring the children in under the parent, so the child will appear under the respective parents

    Then the sum I described will be able to count the occurrences